Efficiently untangling Elisp from .org files

Many people keep their Emacs config in and org-mode file because it’s easier to manage.

However, we need to extract the Elisp parts out of the org file and evaluate them somehow. org-mode has a built-in command for this: (org-babel-load-file "config.org"). However, this is an org-mode command, and org-mode is huge. So your init.el needs to load a good amount of org-mode just to get the elisp out of it. But to be able to do this you’d need to load a good amount of the org-mode file.

I wanted to have something better. Something that is flexible and gives me a quicker startup time.

Let Hugo ignore Emacs lockfiles

When you run

hugo server

the static web-site generator Hugo creates a local server that you can use to fine-tune your pages. Hugo sits and watches your content and layout directory for any changes. Whenever a file changes, it re-renders the pages and even tells your browser to live-relead the pages.

Very nice.

Except that it doesn’t work with Emacs. But there’s a cure.